Van Damme doesn’t just make mind punching action movies, you know. A couple years back he made an art-house film called ‘JCVD’ (that’s his name, duh).

Not sure how I feel about this movie. There’s a whole lot of talking and not a lot of snake punching. In fact, there are NO snake punching scenes!

Let me outline the plot for you. Some lameo criminals rob a bank and take JCVD hostage. Then everyone thinks JCVD robbed the bank. I find this hard to believe, because if it really was JCVD he would disarm them in a millisecond and then get on to a real adventure… One with jungles and time travel and awesome dance sequences…

Why he made this I do not know. But because it stars JCVD it’s still better than 99% of movies out there.


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