If mules are the coolest animal on the planet, then why do the toys based on them suck lemons?

Use the scrolly thing to move down and get ready to shake your head in disappointment!


What’s going on here? The mule is stranded on a hideous cart going nowhere. To make it even more degrading, he has a bell on his tail. And ask me what’s going on around his neck. I’ve had more fun with paper cuts.




This mule toy would be alright if he wasn’t attached to a creepy clown and had a jetpack strapped to his back. But he doesn’t, so it’s another failure for mule toy kind.




Yes, I am aware that this is donkey from Shrek. Who is a donkey. But when mule toys suck as bad as the above two, for now we’ll have to take what we can get. At least he has a styling mullet.



Hopefully one day they will make a mule transformer slash Godzilla action figure! But until then I will have to be content playing with my cousin Raymon’s mind.


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